Walking inside is like going out of the word: a wonderful mansion out of times.
A wonderful mansion leaning on the Orta Lake, a lot of history made of far-off tales and extraordinary adventures.
A blooming and enchanting garden, a breathtaking view on the Orta Lake, the Sacred Mount and the Madonna del Sasso.


The " Empire Drawing-room "
just in the center of the mansion, looking the garden and the lake, a large hall with the original first nineteenth century painted in fresco ceiling, the walls in venetian yellow stucco and a big Empire looking-glass.

The " Piano forte Hall "
situated between the surrounded by blue hydrangeas entrance avenue and the garden looking on the lake, with the original first nineteenth century painted in fresco with bunches of flowers ceiling, the walls in blue venetian stucco and an ancient boiserie.

The " Poniatowsky room "
A warm intimate room, looking on a court-yard full of hydrangeas, with an ancient parquet, full of family's memories.

The " Billiard room "
with the original first nineteenth century painted in fresco ceiling showing scenes, engraved by Andrea Appiani, about Napoleon The First life, ancient rose flowers and green leaves venetian chandelier, the walls in venetian green stucco, ancient, wrote by hand, family papers and a boiserie. The floor made in "seminato", in oval design, from the same artist who made " Vittorio Emanuele Gallery " in Milan, and a fire-place.

The " Smoking room "
As every ancient mansion, Villa Pestalozza has his proper smoking room, where gentlemen retired to smoke and tell each others adventures.

The " Cucinone room "
The traditional very big kitchen with fireplace and ancient marble sink.

The " Staircase " and the " Refectory Table "

The " Camellia Belle Suite "
Bride and bridegroom feasting their wedding in Pestalozza Mansion have at their disposal during the party, at the first floor, the wide, cosy and breathtaking view on the lake and on hydrangeas alley "Camellia Belle Suite" with an enormous bathroom

The " Park "
leaning on the lake, made in wrough iron and lightened by lanterns integrates perfectly with the d’antan style of the mansion.
Here you will have dinner all seated together looking at the sunset just in face.

The " Pergola "
leaning on the lake,the Sacred Mount and Madonna del Sasso sanctuary, made in wrought iron and lightened by lanterns.

The shabby chic parlour in the " Winter Garden "
In the little house with big windows framed by an old whisteria, once the “Winter Garden” there are the “Shabby Chic Parlour” and two elegant bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen.